Our Journey

Our sense of wonder garnered through international travels and living abroad brings to Bazati a selection of well-curated novelties, where books, Colombian leather, artisanal Mexican accessories and home wear, wine, and cigars are part of a globally inspired selection. Bazati is a place for relaxing, lounging, shopping and enjoying. Grab a drink or nibble (both? Mais oui!) and peruse Bazati at your leisure.

drinks and dining at the brasserie


The Brasserie evokes the brasseries of 1920s Paris, where drinks, dining and excellent service met with the energetic pulse of daily neighborhood life. The Brasserie includes a comfortable patio that overlooks the Atlanta BeltLine, a largely French selection of well-curated wines, a cocktail program rooted in les années folles and classics such as steak frites, quiche Lorraine, coq au vin and tarte Tatin. Guests can start with breakfast or lunch, then end their travels with a sip of Sauternes.

Explore the brasserie Explore the brasserie
taller maya hammock orange


Taller Maya is a Mexican design brand formed by artisans from the Yucatan Peninsula and a creative team committed to supporting and promoting the talent and potential of Mayan communities. Together they create artisanal pieces with great cultural value that tell a story. The company is also a platform of social and economic development for rural communities in the Yucatan Peninsula. Each piece – from hand-crafted hammocks to home wear and jewelry – is handmade with traditional Mayan techniques.

Together with and through the Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya, Taller Maya works with rural communities to create social and economic development opportunities through community self-management and the promotion of community participation. The Foundation's entrepreneurial programs help artisans by giving them basic tools and training to ensure a sustainable income from using their knowledge while preserving their traditions. This amazing talent of the artisans and their partnership with FHMM has evolved into what Taller Maya is today.

taschen books


A library shop filled with tomes from renowned German publisher Taschen, Bazati Books is home to playful perusing, and offers a stimulating spot to shop for that special gift, or purchase a book of your own to curl up in our soft seating with a cappuccino for the perfect coffee table read. No time to tarry? Let us wrap and ship your purchase - we'll have it on your doorstep before you can say "danke schoen."

blumarino photo


Founded in 2004 in Bogota, Colombia, Blumarino leather was formed out of the desire of leather craftsman Edgar Beltran Jaramillo to bring back the high quality of craftsmanship for which Colombia is renowned. Leather – a “noble material” for Jaramillo, is this artisan’s canvas for creating unique, weathered-yet-contemporary handmade pieces appreciated for their beauty and attention to detail.

monocle at bazati photo


Launched in February 2007, Monocle is a premium media brand with magazine, web and retail divisions, plus a round-the-clock radio station, Monocle 24. Focusing on global affairs, business, culture and design, Monocle's mission is to keep an eye and an ear on the world. Monocle at Bazati brings you limited edition collaborations from around the world as well as Monocle's in-house stationery collection and renowned travel guides.

cigars photo


A fine cigar is redolent with history, culture and the infinite pleasure of each puff. Aficionados liken hand-rolled cigars to a fine work of art. A historical part of the Caribbean’s colorful tapestry, cigars have been crafted for centuries, and time has only improved the manufacturing process. Inside Cinis ("ashes" in Latin), we embrace cigar culture openly, offering fine cigars and accoutrements for the discerning lady or gent who loves the ritual of choosing, clipping, lighting and smoking one of life’s truest pleasures.

wine photo


We have a love of wine, and with Amphora we can share it with fellow Bazati revelers. Here, you’ll find curated selections perfect for everything from that super special occasion to this afternoon’s picnic. Looking for the perfect gift? Amphora will have it, along with our staff’s knowledgeable recommendations. Need a sip to be sure? We offer tastings regularly - stop by and join us.

The Diligence Company was founded on the idea that life is a series of journeys. In our travels, we’ve experienced the beauty of other cultures as well as our own, and now want to bring our story home – in adventures taken not only with miles on a plane or a train, but in a diligence - with the warmth of the welcoming hospitality we’ve enjoyed along the way.

Through passion, beauty and artisanship, we want to bring our guests not just a meal or a bespoke gift , but an experience – one that embraces the idea that hospitality is an art.

We begin with our first project, Bazati, appropriately situated on the old rail line that is now the Atlanta Beltline. Housed inside a 1940s industrial warehouse, Bazati's cavernous space and soaring ceilings provide an intersection for lounging, sipping, shopping, dining, reading, drinking and, simply put, enjoying life. A Croatian word, Bazati roughly translates to “lounging around" - the atmosphere combines the glamorous clamor of a train station with the sophistication of a boutique hotel lobby.